Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Last Of The Mooncakes...

I'd been busy these weeks... eating and delivering mooncakes to my family! Actually, shhhhh... most of time eating them! Burphhh! I just couldn't help it... hehehhehe... anyway, it's a once a year event that I always looked forward to. I know it's a very lame excuse but it works all the time Hah! Ok, I managed to took some photos before the last batch of mooncakes before they end up in my bottomless pit. This mooncakes are another interesting version because the outer layer is made from agar-agar with fillings of chocolate, durian (yep, that heavenly, spiky fruit that caused Andrew Zimmerman cringed!), coconut, dragon fruit (pithaya), etc, etc, etc.

This range has Sweet Corn, Pandan, Chocolate Mocha, Coconut, Durian, etc. The shape is oval with some chinese characters of 'Flower', 'Moon' and I couldn't remember the 3rd character :-P. The size is about W 4 cm x L 5.5 cm x 3.5 cm H... the weight? Goes in with just one gulp!

Here's how the Chocolate paste filling for the Mocha looked inside. Not as nice as the Traditional Mooncake with Salted Duck Egg yolk inside. The manufacturer firstly creates the base, add the filling and then fills up the mould with Agar-Agar - so the end result is like the pict! With this Agar-Agar mooncakes you need to consume them within 4 days, if not the product would turned stale or mouldy. So, it needs to be kept in refrigerator all time.

This is my new addition of mooncake containers. The outer cover is made of wood but the drawers were of thick boards. To stop the little drawers from falling out, a pair of longer than your usual chopsticks act as stopper. Cool eh? Overall, I like the unique Japanese concept for this year. I wanted to buy another set but it was no more available as the festival was coming to an end... :-( I wanted an extra because I'm thinking of converting the container into tea set keeper. Well, looks like I have to wait for next year then :-D

These are the drawers with the mooncakes inside. Since it's a limited edition, I can't choose mooncakes of my choice. Some edition comes with a container of chinese tea leaves - if not mistaken is oolong tea.

Well, until next year with another batch of new mooncakes. Now, I want to eat them before it's gone from the plate! I wonder if other foodie bloggers from other countries has such festival to honor the Moon? I would really love to know about it!



  1. I haven't had mooncakes for a long time!!! They are so colourful... The mooncake containers are beautiful!

  2. They are so beautiful both the mooncakes and the containers.

  3. These look yummy! I had the pleasure of sampling quite a variety at a local T & T Chinese supermarket for the festival. They are quite adventurous in flavours and textures. I love the elaborate boxes! They're tres chic! ;-)

  4. What about delivering to ME? I love mooncakes.. that's a great selection of flavors you have over there.

  5. myCookinghut, I think for those who craves for mooncakes, we must learn how to make some. In Belgium, it's impossible to find a single piece! Even if the Chinese community here celebrated it, I hardly noticed any :-( I depend on luck and this time, I was lucky to be back before the celebration. I hope to find the ingredients in Belgium.

  6. Hi Ivy,

    Yes, sometimes it's too colorful like rainbow. There would be 5- 10 counters or suppliers in a row. It always took me hours to decide which flavours I want. If I can't be back to my hometown, my family will buy some of my favourites and freeze them for me. It's only the traditional mooncakes can survive the freezer but not the unbaked version a.k.a 'snowskin' and jelly mooncakes. I wished there are some Chinese shops sells them in Athens so you can taste them... :-(

  7. Hi Asima,

    You're lucky to taste them! I must keep that place in mind! Thanks for sharing. BTW, have you been to Toraya @ 10, Rue St-Florentin, 75001 Paris? It's my favourite place japanese wagashi.

  8. Jude, I wished I could send to you too and to all my friends. I did tried and results is not that good :-( One received with the box broke in several parts but strange enough the mooncakes survived the impact. Another, had 1 piece mouldy even it's vaccum packed with silica gel but survived the journey because the pieces were in tin box! I was thinking maybe I should send a mooncake set for them to bake it instead. Am not sure for the guys though...:-P

  9. We binged on mooncakes (you're not Malaysian, are you?) and took the kid out to walkabout with his little lantern. I alway prefer the tradition lotus paste, strangely, without the salted yolk.

  10. Hi Dee sorry to miss this section. To your question... yep :-P I prefered Lotus Seed paste too. Now there were 2 types, White Lotus and the usual Yellow.


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