Monday, September 29, 2008

Easy Crispy Garlic Coriander Rice

I missed eating Garlic Rice for unknown reason but with sore throat, my family advised me not to take too much fried food. I'm getting better now... thank you for all your get well wishes! I hope I won't get this problem for awhile since more festive seasons coming soon. I don't want to be left out... ;-) So, I thought why not using my pre-fried garlic crisps and add into boiled rice instead of frying the rice. I always fried some extra garlic or onion crisps and keep that for later use. The addition of coriander gives extra fragrant to this rice dish. Since, it's just add-on dish, I even mixed 2 extra types of herbs - Basil and Tumeric leaves :-) For the Tumeric version, I julienned fresh tumeric root and chiffonade the leaves. Just before serving, I add in the herbs and stir the rice well. Then I served the rice with Stir-fry Gai Choi with Shiitake Mushrooms and Salted Fish (as in the pic).

Easy Crispy Garlic Coriander Rice
Serves 2

1 cup Rice, washed & drained
2 tbl Olive Oil
1-2 tbl Minced Garlic
2-3 tbl chopped fresh Coriander Leaves


1. Cook the rice according to manufacturer's instructions. Keep warm.
2. Heat olive oil in another pan in medium heat. When hot, add garlic and stir fry until fragrant and golden brown - about 1 minute.
3. Remove pan from heat and stir in chopped coriander leaves.
4. Pour the garlic -coriander mixture into the freshly cooked white rice. Stir to mix well.
5. Serve garlic-coriander rice on it's own or as accompaniment to meat and other fish dishes.

If you want even faster, you can pre-fry the certain amount garlic crips in advance and bottled with the oil as well. When you need it, just add into rice or any dishes that you want. Besides Coriander, you can also use other herbs like Basil or Italian Parsley.

In this recipe, I used Basmathi rice. You can use Jasmine rice.



  1. Nice tip about the garlic. Never had garlic in rice but it sounds great and wish I could find some fresh coriander which I love, especially in salads.

  2. HI Ivy, I was thinking... maybe you can plant some coriander with the coriander seeds. I tried it before. It's easy to germinate from seeds in little pots. I can tell you that the young sprouts taste great too. It's been used as garnish for a famous local Hainanese Chicken Rice... I can assured you that the fragrance is very intense with this recipe as well.

  3. Sounds like a great idea... Matter of fact, I'm enjoying it laptop-side right now. I always make rice like this but without the coriander.

  4. Hi Pixen, stopped by to say the rice looks great. Garlic I've had, but not with coriander. I'm also interested in trying to grow some myself. You just used regular coriander seeds?

  5. Hi Dee,

    You can grow coriander from the seeds that we bought from stores or packets but it won't grow that tall or lushes stalks. Make sure the seeds are of high quality and insect free. If you planted on little pots, it may grow between 6 in - 8 inches unless you have a garden or greenhouse.

    The seeds will germinates in few weeks depends on the weather or climate you live in. It will starts with 2 leaves with very long and thin stems. In my country, we love to use this sprouts as well especially in Hainanese Chicken Rice and I like to add them in my salad :-) For this recipe you can use the sprouts too.


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