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Red Snapper Fillet In Thymato Sauce

I bought a small pack of Arrowroot powder sometime ago but it's not been used as much as I planned. I used it in soups but haven't test it in stir-fries. My house helper bought me some nice and fresh Red Snapper fillets and large prawns last week from a fisherman, selling by the road side :-D She's really good at sourcing such produce and I'm really happy with her service :-P I even told her that I mentioned about her in my blog... she's so happy :-)

I decided to use the arrowroot for this recipe that used tomatoes before it's due date :-P I read that arrowroot is works very well with acidic liquid (example; tomatoes in this recipe or maybe pasta sauce?). It's neutral tasting it's the best among the starch thickeners besides surviving the freezer with no effects of odd taste or spongy. It also gives high gloss to your dishes ( I think it's fabulous with pie fillings!). One thing of caution though, arrowroot doesn't work well with milk based sauces as I found out when I use it to make ice cream when I ran out of cornstarch :-(

Here's a recipe that I wanted to share. You must be wondering what's this 'Thymato Sauce' :-P It's the combination of 'Thyme' and 'Tomato'. You see, when I upload my recipe and picts to food sites, they have this word/title limits to certain count. So, to shorten the process (actually, my laziness :-P), I decided to call the fish's sauce/gravy as 'Thymato'. I think it sounds better than 'Thymemato'. Hmmm... sounds like one of those weird science projects, huh? Well, If you can have 'Tamarillo', why not 'Thymato'? Hee heee heeee... :-P

Red Snapper Fillet In Thymato Sauce
Serves 2-4

300 g Red Snapper Fillet (or any white fish fillet) ~ skin on
400 g Tomato ~ skinned and seeded
2 pcs Lebanese Cucumbers
1 Tbl Fresh Thyme ~ fully packed/1 tsp dried Thyme
1 clove Garlic ~ minced
10 g Arrowroot Powder **

Some oil for shallow frying

For Fish Marinate:
2.5 g Salt (approx. ½ tsp)
3o ml Ginger Wine (I'd posted a recipe if you don't have ready-made wine)
Some Ground White Pepper to taste

For Seasoning:
60 ml Water
30 g Raw Sugar
2 g Salt (approx. ⅓ tsp)
20 ml Tomato Sauce (Tomato Ketchup)
10 ml Rice Vinegar

Thickener Glaze:
30 ml Water
12 g Arrowroot Powder**

* Unless stated otherwise all cup & spoon measurements are level.
** For this recipe you can use other starches as thickener or glaze like Cornstarch, Kudzu, Potato Starch, Tapioca or Water Caltrop Starch.

1. Rinse fish fillet and pat dry with kitchen paper. Cut into pieces (depends on the size of fillet, you can have about 3 or more portions). Mix gently the pieces with marinade for 10± minutes.
2. Slice the skinned and seeded tomatoes into wedges. Cut the cucumbers into quarters lengthwise and then dice coarsely. You can cut into rounds as well ~ as long as the cucumbers cook evenly.
3. Add the Kudzu powder to the pieces of fish and mix well (it's easier to mix with fingers).
4. Heat some oil in a deep pan. Fry the fish pieces on both sides until medium-well done (62.8°C/145°F degrees core temp). Dish out and set aside. Remove the used oil.
5. In the same pan, heat some oil. Stir-fry the minced garlic until fragrant. Add in tomato wedges. Stir for awhile. Add in the seasoning and fried fish pieces. Let it cook for few minutes.
6. Add in the diced cucumbers and fresh thyme. Gently mix the ingredients so that the fish pieces are not break apart.
7. Add in the thickener mixture and gently stir until it thickens. Dish out and serve.



  1. Beautiful texture and depth on this fillet recipe...the mix of thyme and tomato is always magnificent combination.
    I’d try out this recipe when I’m in fish mood :)



  2. I think you are doing a job on your recipes. You should consider doing videos on utube and link it to your blogspot. Its more animate and more "live" to the whole concept. Just a suggestion! thanks. thim

  3. Hi Gera ~ hope you like the recipe. Buzz me when you're fish mood :-D

  4. Hola Thim ~ ai yaaa, tai loh... I'm waiting for you to be the director :-) I'd thought about it before I started my food blogs. Will consider about in the future :-)

  5. What a gorgeous dish this is.

  6. This dish reminds me of my childhood. My granny used to fry the fish, and then drench them in a ketchup-based sauce, quite similar to what you have done. Your beautiful dish reminds me that I should do the same for my kids ;)

  7. Thank you for encouraging comment, dear Cynthia. Glad you visited me :)

  8. Hello Ah Nya ~ my family loves the traditional version Sweet & Sour Fish as well. The addition of thyme in this dish made it fragrant and unique taste - marriage of East and West?

  9. I love the flavors here! Great job

  10. Thymato sounds very Greek to my ears :) What a lovely and healthy recipe, surely I would like to taste this.

  11. This looks absolutely DIVINE! DIVINE, how have you been?

  12. Sounds delicious. Lovely sauce--we love red snapper and this is a great way to serve it.

  13. When I saw the word "Thymato", I thought it is a new kind of tomato. You are indeed a very creative person. I luv the addition of thyme in this recipe. ;)

  14. Red snapper tastes great with tomato and thyme (and onions). I love your recipe!

  15. Where is my comment? Well, I simply said I love red snapper and I thought is tasted great with thyme and tomato (and onions).

  16. Hi Christina ~ LOL... thank you for the comment. I think the heatwave had short circuited my brain lately to name the sauce that way.

  17. Hi Zoe...thank you for visiting me :-D I saw your BSI: Feta announcement. I'm now in Greece and had so much feta... LOL

  18. Hello Ivy ~ I didn't realised that Thymato sounds like Greek LOL. Now that you mentioned it does sounded like it :-)

  19. Hi Girl from Jpn ~ I'm's your apt coming up? Thank yo for cruising by ;-)

  20. Food for tots ~ LOL... thank you for commenting...maybe there's a thymato out there somwhere...

  21. Hi Maria ~ I like the combination of Thyme in this recipe too. Sounds Greek to me!

  22. Hello Laura ~ I love onions too ;-) They impart sweetness to any dish!

  23. Hi Pixie :)

    Just wanted to come n say hi :)

    Hope you're doing well...


  24. Hope you are having fun in Greece Pixen! Eat well, be well!

  25. What a delicious dish! Summery, light and flavorful! Yummy!




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