Wednesday, January 28, 2009

BloggerAid - Bloggers Uniting To Aid In The Alleviation of Hunger!

I'd been busy lately with my family and with the on going Chinese New Year celebration (which lasts for 15 days... yep, you read it right!) I'd been trying to find the right time to write about this wonderful BloggerAid which I'm one of the proud members.

So, what's this BloggerAid? It's a group of International Food Bloggers from different backgrounds who came together for the love of food (and eating too, of course :-P ) to raise funds to help the less fortunates in our societies today. With this main objective in mind, this unique community of food lovers determined to reach out as far as possible to create awareness locally and abroad to alleviate World Famine. Please click on the BloggerAid widget for more information and how you can help.

You may be wondering what's this got to do with me? I was exposed to Food Charity at early ages and even involved in small events like 'Canteen Day' (for Malaysians out there, you may recalled this yearly school events) in my local school. My most memorable food sold was my mom's Sambal Ikan Bilis for Nasi Lemak. If we had more of the Sambal Ikan Bilis, we could have more sales after the Nasi Lemak finished. I felt so happy when my stall was among the 1st to clean up and all food was wipe out! It really made my friends and I felt prouder when the amount collected was announced. It's quite an achievement for us to collect couple hundreds of dollars in 45 minutes! :-D When I'm not involve in such fund raising events, I bought tickets or coupons to participate in the event. See the link between BloggerAid and Me? :-P The love of food and cooking paved ways for me to help the less fortunates. We can use what we love to do, to hand out or raise funds to help the needy in our own communities. It may look small or meaningless effort but when we unite as one large team, it does make a difference!
In the aid of World Famine, BloggerAid took a step further to unveil an ambitious and wonderful BloggerAid Cookbook project! We need your contribution to this project. Yes... you can submit your original recipes even though you're not a member! For more information, please read further in BloggerAid on how to participate in this event. Of course, we would love to have you joining in our community! For this event, I'm going to let you in a sneak preview of my participation in this fabulous cookbook which is scheduled to be on sale on 2009 holiday season! One more thing, this dish is so easy to make and appeals to people of all ages. Even your vegetarian friends will find it difficult to refuse! To learn more about this recipe, you must get the cookbook! Together, we can make a difference!


  1. Thank you so much for your submission Pixen. With the help of people as generous as you we can make a difference in our world and be one step closer to stamping out hunger.

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  3. Hi Ivy,

    You can count on me when comes to charity. I'm glad to pitch in as we're going to help the needy at same time enjoying what we love - FOOD :-P

  4. What a mouth-watering dish! Gong Xi Fat Chai & Happy Niu Year to you and your family!

  5. Your dish sounds delicious Pixen. A wonderful addition to the BloggerAid cookbook.

  6. Food For Tots,

    Heyyyy, Gong Xi Fa Chai to you and family too! Glad to see you again!

  7. Hi Maria,

    Glad to see you again. Thank you for the complement!

  8. Wow, you made a great dish for the cookbook. Can't wait to see the recipe.

  9. Salut Helene!

    I'm just as excited too about BloggerAid cookbook. I guessed we have to be very, very patience about it. I really wanted to see the idea hit off.

    Thank you for visiting me :-)


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