Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Grilled Stuffed Mini Portobellas With Sake

It's mushrooms again! I know some people said mushrooms are boring besides in soup, salad, stew or stir-fry with other vegetables. I don't find them boring! They are so delicious, versatile and able to absorb wonderful juices and gravy that you threw them into. Simple as that! These mushrooms are big brother to little brown mushrooms. When grilled it has 'meaty texture - a welcome 'vegetarian  meat' by vegetarians and are great for baking, oven roasted and sauté.

Prepared stuffed mushrooms, ready for grilling and below, the mushrooms waiting to be tuck away in tummy!

Grilled Stuffed Mini Portobellas With Sake

6 pcs Mini Portobella Mushrooms
100 g Minced Beef - enough to stuff the mushroom caps
1/2 pc Carrrot - julienne
Few Sprigs of Italian Parsley - chopped finely
1 nos medium size Big Onion - chopped finely
20 - 40 ml Sake (more if you like)
L & P Worcestershire Sauce to taste
Salt & Pepper to taste
1 clove garlic - minced finely (optional)
Olive oil for frying

Good melting cheese of your choice - Enough cheese to cover the mushrooms
(I used grated hard Mozzarella... that's what was left in fridge :-D )

1. Remove the grits and clean the mushrooms. Cut or separate the stem from the caps. You can chopped the stem and mix in the stuffing as well if you want. ( I normally cut off any bruised and hard part of the stem. Chopped it up and mix into the mushroom stuffing).

2. Heat your oven to Grill Mode about 200 ºC using the upper heat (that will be about 20-25 minutes depends on the model of your oven).

3. Mix the minced meat with carrot, Italian Flat Parsley and onion. Give it a good stir until the minced meat mixed thoroughly with the spices and herbs. Add in salt, sake, Worcestershire Sauce and pepper to taste. ( I mixed some freshly grounded Szechuan pepper with the black pepper. I love the lemony hint and tingly numbness sensation these berries gave to your palate. It's frequently used in meat dishes in Chinese culinary - of course, the most in Szechuan cuisine.)

3.Heat some olive oil and fry the chopped garlic and onions;when the garlic and onions are fragrant, add the minced meat mixture and fry until just cook. Dish it out and set aside. Let the mixture cools a bit before stuffing the mushrooms.

4. Take a mushroom cap and spoon about 1 tablespoon of cooked meat mixture. Form it nicely so that the mixture not overflowing the caps. Sprinkle on top your favourite cheese. You can add some chopped parlesy or grinded fresh black pepper on top. Complete the rest of the mushroom caps.

Arrange them nicely on a tray/deep dish and drizzle some olive oil over the batch. Now, it's ready for the grill!

Note: Sometimes, the mushrooms grey/black 'gills' of portobellas (and some other types of button mushrooms) are removed if you want a nice and not blackish juice mingled into some white sauce/gravy. Use a spoon and scrap out the black gills of mushroom before the stuffings.

5. When the oven reached the required temperature, put in the oven and grill for 15 -  20 minutes or until the mushrooms caps wilted and cheese slightly browned. Depends on the size of the portobellas it may require less or more time to cook. So, you may need to watch out when the dish is grilling...

6. Serve as appetiser or side dish.


Note: The longer you cook you cook the portobellas/ portobellos, the 'firmer texture'  the mushroom gets.


  1. My Mother-in-law loves to put strips of ham and top it off with cheese. Lovely and versatile Portobello! I love them! :) Will try it with Sake if I get my hands on a bottle!!!

  2. Bonjour, salut,greetings!
    Robert-Gilles from Shizuoka, Japan!
    I write this in English for all to understand!
    Thank you so much for visiing my blog and commenting, and becoming a new Foodbuzz Friend!.
    Interestingly enough, they grow Portobella Mushrooms here in Shizuoka Prefecture, near Mount Fuji. Apparently only one farmer does so.
    I have eaten a similar dish as your recipe at Sugimoto Restaurant, my favourite French Restaurant in Shizuoka. Next time I go there I will ask again for the POrtobella Mushroom and we shall compare! LOL.
    Loking forward to visiting again!
    Great to have discovered a friend in Belgium!

  3. I LOVE mushrooms! Bring them on!


  4. I love mushrooms and your recipe sounds great.

  5. Salut, Robert-Gilles!

    Ahhh... I must read further your blog to find out about this Sugimoto Restaurant. Please let me know about their dish because I haven't been to Japan... LOL :-P It's been in my list since I was a kid. I really want to see Japan even though I have several close Japanese friends who used to be expats in my home country. Hmmm... let's try portobellas wrapped with slices of Kobe Beef marinated in mirin and shoyu??? OMG... ほっぺが落ちる!

  6. Look like a western dish but it mixed with asian essence,
    What a nice combination,
    I'll give it a try sometimes!

  7. Hihihi... I honestly drool over the photos. Haven't had those stuffed portobello mushrooms for AGES :-P

  8. Hi there, I enjoy reading your fusion recipes. I would love to try them out : )

  9. Beautiful and absolutely delicious looking!


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