Monday, May 26, 2008

Easy Almond Cake

I was reading a fellow foodie - Mag's Green Almonds and this had my mind rolling (and my stomach too)! I love almonds, hazelnuts, macadamias... occasionally peanuts but most of time I'm nuts about nuts, really! Vite! Vite! Vite! It's 3 hours before tea time, I had to be quick if not I won't be on time to enjoy my Jamaica Blue Mountain! I found that I still had 5 packs of ground almonds left from last week's baking, yeayyyyyy!

Here's the recipe... It's easy provided you already have the basic ingredients at hand. I hope you like it as well. It's nothing fancy, just simple cake... with lots of almonds!

Easy Almond Cake
Makes a 18 cm round cake

125 g Butter
110 g Castor Sugar
2-3 drops Almond Essence (you can add more if you like stronger taste)
3 no Eggs -lightly beaten ( I used Medium Size Eggs @ 60 g each-yes, I weigh them :-P )
120 g Ground Almonds
80 g Plain Flour-sifted

Some Almond Halves/Whole Almonds for decorations (Optional)

1. Preheat oven to 180 ºC. Brush a deep 18 cm round cake tin (you can use any round tin about that size) with melted butter or oil. Line base with parchment paper (Baking paper).
2. In a mixing bowl; Using  electric beaters, beat butter, sugar and almond essence until light and creamy.
3. Add 1/3 of eggs with 1/3 of ground almonds; repeat with remaining eggs & almonds.
4. Using a spatula, fold in sifted flour;stir until ingredients are combined and mixture is smooth.
5. Spoon mixture into prepared tin; smooth surface and decorate with almonds.
6. Bake for 45 minutes or until skewer comes out clean when inserted into centre of cake. Leave cake in tin for 10 minutes; turn onto a wire rack to cool.
7. To serve: Dust with castor sugar or icing sugar.

This cake can be keep for 3 days in airtight container or 2 months in freezer.

Enjoy it!


  1. First of all, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. And secondly, I am all for almond cakes... lovely!

  2. Hi Aran

    It's a pleasure visiting your beautiful your blog. Yes... sometimes I can go Nuttyyyyyyy!!! ;-D

  3. Thanks for the recipe. I actually bake it @ It's nice!

  4. Hello! This looks like a wonderful recipe that I'm going to try to make for my grandma's 80th Birthday. It it possible to ice the cake with fondant? Louise :)

  5. Hello Whittaker, my apologises for not replying soon. I'm traveling still with my family at this moment. Worst your post didn't appeared in my email. So sorry about that :-(

    Yes, you can use fondant as well as Italian Buttercream :-)


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