Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Contributors Wanted! MyMyCityCuisine.org-A Traveler's Guide to Local Cuisine

I received an exciting email last week about this Wiki project that I think it's another brilliant addition to our knowledge in our diversity culinary world. The MyCityCuisine.org website is built collaboratively, through the spirit of sharing knowledge, by food lovers from around the world.

Do you know what is Kakigōri? Andouillette or Figuette?

"MyCityCuisine is a wiki project. Its goal is to help travelers discover the local food from around the world. Food has always been an integral part of the local culture so, naturally, tasting local food is often high on most traveler's to-do lists. However, until now, there was no single comprehensive source providing this particular information for cities around the world.

Have you ever wonder what are those items (probably intangible handwriting and if you're lucky with worn out photos of the dishes!) in the menu when you travelled to a foreign country and you knew the best culinary experiences would be where and what the locals eat?

"What should I order?", an inevitable question faced by all travelers sitting in a restaurant, in a foreign country. MyCityCuisine is a project to create a free, reliable and up-to-date guide to the most original and tasty local foods from different countries of the world. This is an open project, so we encourage everyone to contribute to it."

To achieve the aim as great resource for travellers, this project needs lots of contributors! If you have lots of energy with lots of ideas and willing to share a fraction of your time and knowledge of the Culinary World, please channel them into MyCityCuisine.org. Find out how you can make a difference to help to fill this void.


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